Bud Light: Dilly Dilly   <<back

A large part of the success of the Dilly Dilly campaign happened socially. Here is some work we created to help foster the conversation online.

These Pep Talks from our King, John Barley IV, were posted by Bud Light and also through the social channels of the two Super Bowl
contenders immediately after clinching their berths.

Then, immediately after the Eagles won, we posted this video.

We also made good on a bet we made with the Eagles offensive lineman, Lane Johnson:

Then we used Facebook Canvas to catch people up on our world’s cast of characters, and also introduced Bud Knight Batman-style.

And after our Super Bowl spot ran, we took viewers inside the locker room as our heroes compared stats:

Bud Light: Dilly Dilly   <<back

The Dilly Dilly campaign thrived online. Here is some work we did to help keep Dilly Dilly alive in the social space.

We showed up, brought some friends, sky-wrote “Dilly Dilly” and “Philly Philly” over the Philadelphia Art Museum
and bought the entire city a free beer, because that’s what friends do.